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Midfield InvestmentsMidfield InvestmentsMidfield Investments

We are Midfield Investments

Core Values:

Residential Multifamily across the USA

Strategic Focus

At Midfield, our expertise in acquisitions sets us apart from the competition, strategically acquiring and maximizing the value of residential multifamily properties.


Risk: Moderate/High
Typical Return: 12%-18%
Midfield increases property value by acquiring distressed or undermanaged properties in prime locations. We leverage our expertise to revitalize each property through targeted renovations and effective management practices, ensuring maximum potential is realized.

Core-Plus/Stable Growth

Risk: Low/Moderate
Typical Return: 9%-15%
Midfield targets higher-quality, stable properties in prime locations, often available at discounted prices. Our approach involves securing moderate, long-term financing for extended investment periods. We unlock additional value through attentive asset management and by optimizing operational efficiency.

Value Creation


1. Deal Sourcing

Deep and narrow approach to investing that focuses on gaining a deep knowledge of a select number of target markets.

2. Structuring

A core breadth of transactional experience and understanding of market parameters anchor a strategic capital stack.

3. Business Plan

Leverage proprietary performance data to identify opportunistic trends, prior to identification by the general market.


4. Renovations

Experience based in construction value-engineers a higher quality product for less.

5. Asset Management

Partnering with most qualified third-parties and driving property-level performance from a detailed level.

6. Disposition

Patiently positioning maximizes investment outcomes and allows for an effective disposition when timing is right.
Midfield Team

Dynamic blend of industry experts

From seasoned professionals in market analysis to creative minds driving innovative renovations, our members are united by a shared commitment to excellence.

Our Partners

Alliance with the best experts

Property Management




Our Sponsors

Supported by talent and business vision

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