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About us

Midfield provides two distinct acquisition strategies enhancing investors flexibility and diversification, optimizing returns while managing risk.

Proven track record of extensive expertise in strategic planning, project management, and construction oversight”.

$ 1 M
Maxcon Construction 5 Year Revenue
$ 1 M
Construction Budgets Overseen
$ 1 M
Largest Project Overseen
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Long Mission Statement:

Our Focus

Summed up in our work values


Long Mission Statement:


dynamic blend of industry experts

From seasoned professionals in market analysis to creative minds driving innovative renovations, our members are united by a shared commitment to excellence.

Investor Experience

Midfield strives to provide investment opportunities that create lasting value and above average returns for our investors.

Deal-by-Deal Optionality

Investors are given the opportunity to invest on a deal-by-deal basis.

Monthly Updates

Monthly updates throughout the ownership cycle.

Quarterly Reporting

Investor distributions on a quarterly basis, subject to asset performance and waterfall metric.

Best-in-Class Investor Management

Skool is our hosted platform and acts as our investment management interface. Once you've created an account and are enrolled to updates, an investor can subscribe to a deal in a matter of minutes.

Investor Portal

Subscribing investors can execute applicable Operating, Subscription Agreements through a secure portal and upon Midfield’s acquiring of the asset, can be updated regularly on accounting, tax, distribution records through accessing and downloading applicable files.

Annual Reconciliations

Each property is assessed by a CPA on an annual basis, prior to K-1/T5013 circulations to all subscribed investors. Additionally, all investor level returns, based on preferred or split structures will be reconciled and an annual performance and accounting report will be distributed at each property level.
Our Timeline

Know our timeline for investor.

Investor Timeline

Year One

Provide an operating entity that delivers a full-service platform and operational expertise to the investor, offering a rich history on the acquisition, repositioning, and disposition of multifamily assets.

Up to Three Years

Acquire properties that allow partners to enhance value through strategic operational creativity, physical enhancement, financial restructuring, and repositioning of the asset.

Up to Five Years

Operate in a transparent and accountable method with quarterly distributions (subject to performance) and monthly reporting to our investment partners. 

Investment Results

Atria Development

-Location: 80 Bond st Oshawa Ontario
-Completion: 2020
-Number of Stories: 20
-Units: 370
-Development Budget: 52 Million GC, 7 Million Maxcon

Peel Condominiums

-Location: 180 Mississauga Vly Blvd, Mississauga, Ontario
-Completion: Current
-Number of Stories: 2
-Units: 214
-Development Budget:6.8 Million GC

The Shipman at St Catherines

-Location: 32 Towering Heights Blvd St Catherines
-Completion: 2021
-Number of Stories: 40
-Units: 435
-Development Budget: 23 Million GC,11 Million

Construction Track Record


-Location: 129 Birchmount Dr, Moncton, NB E1C 8E6
-Completion: Sold 2022
-Number of Stories: 3
-Units: 6
-Type: Value-Add
-Project Level ROI: 52%


-Location: 157 McSweeney Ave, Moncton, NB E1C 7E1
-Completion: Sold 2022
-Number of Stories: 3
-Units: 7
-Type: Value-Add
-Project Level ROI: 60%

30 First

-Location: 130 First Ave, Moncton, NB E1C 7X1
-Completion: Sold 2023
-Number of Stories: 3
-Units: 12
-Type: Value-Add
-Project Level ROI: 28%
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