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Vertical Integration with Exit Optionality

Value Creation

tenured track record of successful execution strengthen the flywheel of Midfield’s value creation.

  • A niche focus in the market puts Midfield at the top of broker's minds when shopping around an investment opportunity.
  • A defined geographic focus creates compounding relationships that help Midfield get deals awarded.
  • Leveraging Midfield’s executive teams market presence and boots on the ground dialed in on a narrow geography allows for better terms with vendors and third-parties who will take part in operational initiatives.
  • The principals of Midfield’s experience and vertical integration within construction allows them to value-engineer and renovate higher quality product for less.
  • Experienced construction management team makes data driven decisions during the acquisition, bidding and renovation process.
  • Programmatically building comparable assets allows Midfieldto have negotiating powerwith vendors and other third-parties who will be critical to the operational successes.
  • Midfield’s asset and property management integrations allow the firm to have a strong pulse on the health of each asset and removes the long feedback loop of relying on a manager who might not be as familiar with the respective submarkets.
  • Controls costs
  • Develop strong relationships with tenants and reduceaggregate vacancy
  • Leverage economies of scale for purchasing power

    Quick decision making with each division working in unison
  • By taking the asset through bidding and renovations, Midfield value-engineers the project to achieve an attractive, below market basis with optionality to favorable short-term holds and potential exits to realize value creation, when the debt and equity market warrants.
  • A quick exit yields a high annualized net IRR to investors
  • The realization of created equity offers an exceptional risk adjusted return
  • Quick distributions allow Midfield investors to redeploy their gains in new opportunities
  • Through aggregating a portfolio in the greater Texas Triangle arenas, economies of scale for purchasing power and the ability to realize real estate's tax advantages.
  • A low basis in a high barrier to entry market allows Midfield to benefit from the long-term appreciation of assets that have been derisked and possess a strategic capital stack.
  • The close proximity of the assets allows for the opportunity of a portfolio exit and benefits of cap rate compression to an institution looking to gain scale in a supply constrained market

Risk Management

Midfield manages risk by diversifying their portfolio, adopting conservative leverage practices, and conducting meticulous due diligence for all potential acquisitions.

Risk Management

Maintaining a disciplined approach to risk by diversifying portfolios, conducting thorough due diligence, and continuously monitoring market conditions to preserve capital and generate returns.

Risk Mitigation

While pursuing value-add opportunities, we prioritize risk mitigation through thorough due diligence and strategic planning. This includes assessing the local regulatory environment.

Numbered Risks and Mitigations

Investor Experience

Midfield strives to provide investment opportunities that create lasting value and above average returns for our investors. Midfield is driven by total transparency and continue to invest time and money continue to invest resources to optimize the investor experience as much as possible.

Deal-by-Deal Optionality

Investors are given the opportunity to invest on a deal-bydeal basis.

Monthly Updates

Monthly updates throughout the ownership cycle.

Quarterly Reporting

A monthly basis, subject to asset performance and waterfall metric.

Best-in-Class Investor Management

Appfolio is our hosted platform and acts as our investment management interface.


The aim is to effectively return capital to our investors, capturing the utmost value by further stabilizing the assets.

Length of Ownership

On length of ownership, allows free flowing liquidity and optionality to exit or refinance most opportunely
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